About the Developer

David Rin is an independent video game developer based in Central New Jersey. After graduating from Brookdale Community College with a degree in Game Programming and Digital & 3D Animation, he started Bit-Journal Games, a development studio which is a branch of his company, Lord Rinja’s Dojo of Illusions. Currently, he is the sole designer, developer and animator on his upcoming game, Eternal Jupiter.

Since playing his first round of Pac Man back in 1983, gaming has been a passion that he has actively pursued his entire life. Outside of development, Dave is a former video game vendor, former pop culture shop owner and previously ran his own video game tournaments voluntarily for a local community center in his home town.

Currently taking inspiration from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming, he enjoys taking old concepts and adding new play mechanics so players can enjoy these genres in a new way.