About Eternal Jupiter

Eternal Jupiter is an upcoming Bullet Hell Hack and SHMUP from Game Developer, David F. Rin of Bit-Journal Games
(A Lord Rinja’s Dojo of Illusions Production).

– Pilot your Arc Suit through the world of Eternal Jupiter.Your Arc Suit can transform freely between Jet Mode and Mech Mode

– In Jet Mode Use your Lasers and Missiles shoot down any drones that may stand in your way

– When things get rough, transform into Mech Mode and use your Beam Katana to cut down your foes and reflect their bullets back at them while firing your Arc Cannon to lay down additional damage and keep the onslaught at bay

– Its a Vertical Shooter with Hack and Slash elements! Blast and burn! Slice and Dice! The choice is yours

– 2 Player Local Co-Op lets you and a friend blast cut and blast away the opposition

– Full Support for Xbox 360 and other X-Mode PC Control Pads

– Full Support for PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 and other Direct Mode Control Pads

– If you do not own a control pad, Eternal Jupiter features 2 Players on 1 Keyboard with a Numerical Pad

– Can you save Jupiter from a tyrannical government that is hell bent on enslaving its inhabitants?


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